3 Reasons People Skip Synthetic Motor Oil

by admin on April 10, 2010

When it comes to protecting your engine and your pocketbook motor oil changes have to be the most important method a preventing a complete catastrophe under the hood.  Not changing your motor oil properly or not using the right oils can very quickly cause destruction of engine components that can cost you $10,000 or more…

So why do so many people take their motor oil for granted?  Maybe because fewer people are keeping their vehicles for more than a couple of years now before swapping to another new vehicle. They think they will only have the car for a short period of time and missing a few oil changes just won’t matter to them.

That’s why I won’t buy a used vehicle without first auditing the maintenance records.

Maybe now that we are in the computer age everybody just wants to believe there is nothing they need to do to maintain their vehicles.  Ever here someone say they cant work on their car like they used to because it is all computers under there?

Well the one way you can have control over the proper preventative maintenance of your vehicle is to change your own oil.  Let’s forget about the others that just don’t care enough about protecting their investment (sadly).

Oil is oil right?  Wrong.  You know those hard headed people out there that when you talk to them about anything they already have an opinion that just will not be changed.  I mean ludicrous ideas about things that are just outright blatantly wrong and they still stick to it.  You cant be like that and expect to learn anything new.

I think this is why folks get so caught up on the brand of motor oil they are using.  Its the same one dad used and the same one grandpa used etc…  “Hey, how about thinking for yourself for once” is what I want to say to them!

They have to open up a little bit and adopt some new information.

Well if your hard headed and you really don’t give a crap about your engine then you can skip this report on engine protection and the right synthetic motor oil.

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