3 Types of Synthetic Motor Oil Customers

by admin on April 19, 2010

I have met all types of people when it comes to changing your motor oil.  I would have guessed that the questions I would receive would all center around higher performance and better protection.  And I thought maybe peoples questions would have something to do with a potential catastrophic failure of their engine from using the wrong oil.

The questions I receive are varied and I have to say men get pretty irrational when you start talking about their engine oil.  The people I know that are real serious about their motor oil sort into three categories:

There are the ultra protection motor oil buyers.  These guys want the absolute best protection money can buy.  They will spend a small fortune on the best oil filter and the best synthetic motor oil then they will turn around and drain it for an oil change at 2,500 miles even though their manual says to change at 7,000 miles and the oil and filter say to change at 25,000 miles.  I guess they are spending money to feel good and safe… I don’t understand it.

There are the ultra performance enhancement guys.  These folks spend all the money they can to get and extra couple horse power.  They have the computer chips, they have the tornado intake (bogus by the way), and all the other little tricks for horsepower boost.  These guys read somewhere that synthetic oil can get you better horsepower and corresponding better gas mileage.  Though true in some cases, but unless they have the actual test data, it is just wishful thinking for most synthetic oils.

I do like the goal these guys have of kicking up the horsepower output, I don’t like how the market takes advantage of them and rips them of their hard earned money with no real return.

Third but not last are the ultra penny pincher people.  I have run across a lot of guys that spend their entire year in their car.  They usually have to drive all day for their job.  Think insurance adjusters, hot shoters etc.  Some of them were putting 60,000 miles plus on their personal vehicle (or their personally owned companies vehicle).  Can you imagine changing your oil almost twice a month!  Expensive and time consuming.  These long distance guys, some of them, love the idea of a 25,000 mile oil change.  Instead of oil changes every month they can change their oil once every six months or once a year depending on how far they actually drive.  The love the money savings and especially love the time savings.

Here is the fourth type of person I run into that does not use synthetic motor oil.  They are the ultra penny pincher idiots.  They think that everyone in the world is out to cheat them and that you don’t get what you pay for.  Oil is oil is what they say and they choose to extend their oil change intervals without using the proper product.  This cheats them out of long engine life or even worse it cheats the next vehicle owner out of a well maintained vehicle (please check the maintenance records before you buy).  Damage the engine long term and screw the next owner!  Not cool.

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