Synthetic Motor Oil – Do You Need To “Run In” The Engine of A New Car

by admin on April 9, 2010

I would!  Supposedly gas engines don’t need to be “run in” any more but I know the engine is not truly broke in now for a good 30,000 to 50,000 miles.  After that amount of time all the components have had a chance to run in and the engine is in the groove.

For gas engines I change the oil at 500-1000 miles when it is brand new.  I like to make sure anything that is machining itself into actual running clearances has cleared out.  This gets any excessive wear metals out of my oil.  So for the first thousand I run conventional oil and When I change the first time I put in synthetic motor oil.  (reality is the first 1000 is the oil from the factory which is typically conventional for the engine)

So after the piston rings have machined themselves to match the cylinder walls… lets get that oil out of there.

Is that really necessary.  No, I think you can run synthetic from the get go but why waste the money?  Your going to dump the oil anyway so save the money and put the expensive synthetic oil in after the first change.

With modern engines and heat treat methods the engines are already run in from the factory anyway.

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