Would You Pour Dirt In The Motor Oil Of Your New Engine?

by admin on June 4, 2010

Would You Pour Dirt In The Motor Oil Of Your New Engine?

Say you finally bought that new truck you were looking for.  A lot of times folks are worried about engine break in period and how long before the first oil change.  Those are good concerns… it goes to show that people care about whats going on under the hood.

When you have a new engine it would be nice to know exactly the things to do to make sure it lasts forever.  One thing you definitely should not do is contaminate your motor oil by pouring dirt into the oil fill.

You don’t have to be an engineer or a gear head to understand the bad consequences of a cup full of dirt in your crankcase.  Who would do such a thing anyway… I don’t think anyone.

What is just as disturbing as pouring dirt in your engine is the number of people putting aftermarket oil additives in their engines.  These people are “hoping” something good comes from adding some super slick oil additive that promises lasting engine protection with better fuel economy.  I think of these additives as pouring dirt in my engine and here’s why:

Motor oils have complex formulations and for an aftermarket additive to be suitable for use in any given brand of oil it would have to be formulated specifically for that oil with knowledge of the additives and concentrations of those additives.

That would be no simple feat!

In most cases these additive companies have very little track record and very little R&D.  You may have seen or experienced some of the corruption in the vitamin industry where a company comes out and claims some super food vitamin cures cancer… they get shut down by the FDA pretty quick because there are human lives at stake.

The automotive industry doesn’t have the agreesive version of the FDA protecting us.

In the automotive field there is more opportunity for shysters to come in and put some mouse milk in a bottle and sell to you and I as the ultimate engine protection when it very well could be the equivalent of pouring dirt in your engine.

My advice is to find a really good motor oil and run it as designed and change it at the specified interval.  Leave the mouse milk to kids that believe pouring some magic liquid in the crankcase is going to kick out 11% more horsepower.

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