4 Reasons To Change Your Oil Once a Year or Every 25,000 Miles

by admin on August 5, 2010

You protect your engine and prevent an engine failure.  When using synthetic motor oil that is designed for one year of service you eliminate the potential engine wear that occurs from using cheap oil past the 3,000 mile mark. In the US the average oil change interval is now up past the 5,000 mile mark… almost twice as long as most oil manufacturers recommend.

You eliminate 3 unnecessary trips to the quick lube.  Wal mart and many other service centers will allow you to bring in your own oil and filter for service.  Instead of 4 to 6 service visits a year you can do 1.  What a savings of hassell especially when they try to sell you windshield wipers, air filters, fuel filters, and other miscellaneous services that you do not need every month.

You save money by eliminating extra service calls.  The labor portion of an oil change is the biggest chunk of money of the entire process.  3 or more fewer service calls saves a bunch of money.

The amount of hazardous waste produced is cut to 25% or less.  This prevents used motor oil with heavy metals in it from getting into our water supply system and prevents it from being burned as fuel for ships at sea.

It all boils down to protecting your engine for a fraction of the money and a fraction of the time you are spending on this boring task now.  So go find a premium synthetic motor oil that promises one year of service by reading the best motor oil review.

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