Use The Best Motor Oil For Trucks

by admin on August 6, 2010

It is a great idea to take a little bit of time to seek out the best motor oil for your truck.  With the prices of real work horse trucks exceeding $50,000 choosing the right oil and maintenance schedule has become critical to your financial success.

If you make some uninformed decisions on how to maintain your truck and with what motor oil and drive train oils one of two things will happen… You could get lucky and guess at the right oils, maybe overspend a bit, and do your routine maintenance too frequently or you could guess wrong and provide the standard average oil change intervals with a poor quality oil and cut the life of your engine in half!  Either your $50,000 engine is worth 20 minutes of research into the right synthetic lubricants or its not.

Chevy, Ford, and Dodge trucks have an American tradition of being designed for rugged service.  They are real working trucks and as such they have some special needs when it comes to lubrication.

If you plan to haul anything your engine oil must be able to stand up to the higher shearing loads created in the engine.  This is where high quality viscosity improvers (VIs) are key.  Cheap VIs cause the motor oil viscosity to change significantly… as they break down your oil gets then when operating at heavy haul temperatures.  If you don’t really use your truck for any type of real work then maybe you don’t need to worry about this as much.

Higher engine loads create higher peak temperatures in certain areas of the engine.  Higher metal temperature try to make your motor oil boil off.  Cheap oils with low volatility boil off at lower temperatures leaving behind thicker and sometime sludgy oil.  When oil boils off tends to leave deposits in the engine further compounding the localized increases in temperature.  Make sure your motor oil has a high volatility to keep your trucks engines protected.

Trucks are heavier than cars, consume for fuels than cars, and are generally harder on oil than cars.  Even if you aren’t pulling heavy loads you still need to have the best motor oil for your truck.

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