5 Reasons Why You Should Use Synthetic Motor Oil

by admin on August 4, 2010

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle.  If you maintain it and care for your engine it will start every time and never leave you stranded.  If you don’t care for it it will start to burn oil, have rough starts, make you wonder if you should take a long trip or not, and cost you lots of money in the long run.  When you think about the thousands of dollars invested in your vehicles motor it makes sense that just 27 cents a day you can keep your engine tip top.

If you grew up on the farm then you already know spending money on preventative maintenance is money well spent.  A small investment in time and money on a regular basis leads to good things like… long engine life, top motor performance, your best fuel economy, and a cool running engine that saves you money.  Just changing your oil out to a real synthetic oil can prevent nasty engine deposits, the development of hot spots, unnecessary piston wear, and extra protection for your crank bearings.

If you don’t do preventative maintenance you end up with an engine disaster.  Your motor starts eating oil and your adding at every gas stop, your engine gets unreliable and loses your trust for those long trips, engine hot spots start to accelerate the destruction of your oil and increase engine wear, you lose the responsiveness in the gas pedal and when you stomp on it you get a hesitation, engine is dirty and embarrassing (meaning you don’t like opening the hood when anyone is around), engine seizure, engine won’t start reliably.

Better lubrication leads to better fuel economy.  Saving on gas and diesel adds up, in fact just a tiny improvement in fuel economy will pay the premium cost for quality motor oil.  Make sure you find the motor oil with the data and proof to back up the performance claims.

You get the most horsepower!  There are a handful of oils that will protect and boost your horsepower a bit.  Be careful here because we don’t want to lose protection to gain a pinch of power.

The royal purple motor oil website has a neat video of all the lubricants being changed out in a muscle car then dyno tested… true?  Don’t know… but at least they are trying.

If you don’t protect your horsepower you will get a sluggish engine that runs like a dog over time.  So keep that engine clean with quality synthetic motor oil and a good filter.  Check out all the different oil rankings with the best motor oil review.

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