Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

by admin on July 23, 2010

Can you imagine a huge, bad-ass Harley crowd denying the fact that synthetic oils were better for their engines than conventional oil? Let’s be real now. These guys are hard-core and their main squeeze in life isn’t a woman…it’s their bike.

But like so many people, traditions are passed on and new concepts and ideas are difficult to embrace.  But of all enthusiasts, bikers happen to be the most focused on their method of transportation, and in particular I’m talking about the HOG owners.  They have ground rules and regulations…certain standards that must be met…and motor oil is damn well one of them.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until after the millennium broke through that HOG riders started to accept synthetic oil.  After all, it was better for their bikes and trikes and they’d be damned to sink anything less than the best into their engines.  And it was just a short matter of time before Harley came out with their own “Screaming Eagle” line of oil.  More power to’em.

Since then, another company has introduced not one, but two spanking new motorcycle oil formulations that have GL-1 ratings.  They also have what’s called a line of Absolute Efficiency Motorcycle Oil Filters that allow a biker to disregard a filter change since they’ve already snagged the benefit of extended oil change intervals.

In today’s day of information and misinformation, it’s no wonder that people, bikers, have serious questions and are demanding that the truth be told.  America allows a lot of B.S. to be fed to consumers and it’s too hard for the average citizen to sort out what’s for real and what isn’t.  Sad but true.  And that’s what feeds America’s businesses today?

Harley being an American born business isn’t immune to these cold hard facts.  Being a consumer today is no simple task.  Today’s economy has everyone scamming to make a buck.

When it comes to motorcycle lube, there happens to be big discrepancies…problems.  Bikers have been ‘schooled’, so to speak, by equipment manufacturers that automobile oils can’t handle their scooters.  They’re being told that they can’t walk into an automotive store and pick out an oil that will properly protect their most precious asset.  Bum deal, if you ask me.

However, there are oils out there that exist who’ve been protecting motorcycle engines for at least 3 decades, if not more.  But how’s a biker supposed to believe this without first hand experience?  Especially a doubtful Harley owner who lives to ride and rides to live?

Recently there have been people defending the use of synthetic oils in motorcycles, and rightfully so.  Just as they’re better for a car or truck’s engine, they’re just as good for a motorcycle.  It’s not rocket science, people.

It’s better to say something than nothing, and all it took was for one known and admired biker to stand up and tell his story of his experience with his bike and the change he made in his oil.  It made a tremendous difference to his “baby’s” performance.  All true bikers pamper their “baby” so it was crystal clear what needed to be done.  If you have a bike, you need to pamper it and use synthetic oil.  There are advantages that you will never truly know about until you actually switch over.

Of course, any biker wants to see these convictions and black and white print may not cut it, but that’s all there is unless there’s a personal connection with someone. Then you can see the results personally, but so many have switched over that it’s just about standard procedure when it comes to changing oil in motorcycles…synthetic wins through and through.  What bikers put into their engines makes a huge difference in performance and unless it’s proven, who in their right mind is going to believe it…especially when it comes to these awesome extended drain intervals?

Please, do some research.  Your bike depends on it, and if you’re like most bikers, riding is your life, so essentially you might say that your ‘life’ depends on it.

There’s a way to make your bikes last…and hate to say it but they can surely outlive you if you take care of them properly and they’re passed on to someone who will do the same.  If it’s legacy you’re after, then taking pride and showing concern…acting on that concern…is what will take your bike into the next generation, and that’s the truth.  Protect your ride and ensure it keeps on living as long as possible.

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