AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Bull S%&*

by admin on April 24, 2010

When you are out web searching for the “truth”bout a motor oil changes and synthetic motor oil there is a lot of BS out there… A LOT OF BS.

I just received this from a non subscriber to my newsletter and it reminded me of the frustration I encountered searching for a synthetic motor oil for my new truck.

The email I received said this:

“I was simply looking for a Amsoil distributor, not a bunch of bull s%&*.”

Too bad he didn’t take it one more step and get the full report but… I felt the same way some years ago…

I spent countless hours online trying to figure out if there was anything to the rumors that synthetic oil was better for my engine than conventional oil.

I was specifically searching for Castrol Syntec facts… because that was the oil I was familiar with being called “synthetic” (I now know it really isn’t if you are looking for a PAO).  It must have been the Castrol commercials that popularized the phrase thermal viscosity breakdown as an engine engine animation seized before your eyes.  I can’t remember if those commercials were in the 80s or the 90s now but pretty good marketing anyway since I still remember it.

Undoubtedly if you Google synthetic motor oil you come up with a bazillion options of websites to go read.  And the email I just received I think reflects the same frustration you will probably feel.

I scrubbed the Internet years ago and I did finally find a synthetic motor oil product that I felt was honest in its test results and provided honest value and legitimate performance and protection.  I have been using AMSOIL synthetic motor oils for the last 6 or 7 years in all of my vehicles.  I change my oil once a year in each vehicle and all my vehicles have a 160,000 miles or more on them… still running strong.

You can avoid all the frustration and save yourself a bunch of time by reading this motor oil report here.  It has the same test results I reviewed years ago to decide which motor oil I would use.

Jesse Hull
Mechanical Engineer

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