Is Uncle Bob Crazy for Draining His Motor Oil With the Engine Running?

by admin on April 21, 2010

My buddy was telling me about his uncle Bob who has a 1971 Cuda.  This gentleman has actually owned this Cuda since 1971 and it currently has 20,000 miles on it.  As soon as he said Cuda my ears perked up!  Not only a 71 but a convertible.  He was a maintenance freak in pursuit of engine maintenance perfection by changing his motor oil (in a special way).

Now here is the part that is crazy.  Bob also had an early 70s super beetle and Bob was obsessed with clean oil in his engines.  With his super beetle he would drain the oil out hot, then start the engine with the oil plug out to get the last bit of oil to flow out the bottom of the engine.

Now he wouldn’t drive around and he wasn’t loading the engine or revving the engine… it would just sit there and idle for 15 minutes until the last bit of oil was drained out the bottom!

Crazy and here’s my question.  How could someone think that running an engine with no oil for any period of time is more beneficial compared to getting the last drop of motor oil out of the engine?

And further how could he have done this for decades and not caused an engine failure.  From working on engines you probably know first hand that oil leaves a film on all the engine parts and the fine film on the cylinder walls just doesn’t drain off when you drain the oil.  There is still some protection there even if the sump is empty.

So all these folks crying out about dry engine starts can call good ole uncle Bob and find out if they need to be worried.

I asked if Uncle Bob used to run his V8 Cuda dry to get all the oil out… the answer No (I wonder why).  I guess a dual port air cooled 1600 CC VW engine is not as much a risk his V8…

Do you do anything crazy like this when you change your oil.  Let me know by leaving a comment below then check out this motor oil secrets paper.

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