How To Save Money on Synthetic Motor Oil Changes

by admin on June 11, 2010

Times are getting tough for a lot of people right now and it is increasingly more important to pinch your pennies now more than ever.  One of the biggest expenses in a household is vehicle purchase and vehicle maintenance like synthetic motor oil changes.  When it comes to saving money this is one of the best areas to focus on.  You can save hundreds of dollars a year and many hours of oil change maintenance and at the same time prevent major engine problems few years from now.

The technology now exists to extend oil and filter changes out to 7,500 miles 10,000 miles even all the way out to 25,000 miles or one year.  This technology starts with premium synthetic motor oil basestocks that have been identified for their specific viscosity and lubricating properties… then building on this platform is blending with the right detergents and additives to provide the best engine protection balanced with oil longevity.

When the formulation is done right you end up with oils that can last almsost indefinitly in an engine if filtered properly.  Now there are some practical limits to this one being oil burn off is normal in an engine so a typical engine will require a quart or two every year and some engines are so hard on oil that a lifetime fill of oil would just be impossible…

but almost all engines can be run for 25,000 miles or one year on some specific synthetic motor oils.

The question is… if the oil provides awesome protection at these extended change intervals then does it make sense to spend extra money per quart of oil to do this?  It just takes a little bit of math to figure this out…

There are a couple ways to make this really simple.  You can either calculate the cost of oil changes per year or you can calculate the cost of oil changes per every 100,000 miles.  Next select the oils you are considering using and research the recommended change intervals.  For example if one motor oil calls for every 7,500 miles then you will have to change your oil 14 times in 100,000 miles of driving.  If the oil calls for an oil change every 25,000 miles then you will change your oil 4 times for 100,000 miles of travel.  Assuming you use a filter to match then you will save 10 oil changes over a 100,000 miles.  That can quickly add up to $400-$500 of savings just from the cost of oil.

Not all oils are created equal.  If you would like to find the oil that provides premium protection with extended change intervals then be sure to check out the report best motor oil review.  Go get it now!



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