Motor Oil Prices Increase as Dollar Inflates

by admin on March 23, 2010

There has been a huge shift in the US auto makers.  General Motors and Chrysler were bought out by the government… “rescued”.  Ford has some similar changes.  This was all the result of the combination of a speculative housing bubble fed by easy lending practices.  Double compounded by high oil prices driving consumer purchasing from large trucks and SUVs to more respectable fuel efficient cars.

But where are we headed from here.  We just bottomed out in the recession that slammed the brakes on American productivity.  The federal deficit is now skyrocketing and the national debt is on a steep climb.  It appears the Feds see the only way out of this is to print money almost uncontrollably.  This will inflate the dollar and cause commodity prices to climb.

Gold, copper, oil things with physical intrinsic value will have steep price climbs.  Electricity prices will increase, gasoline will go up, food, and most everything else (usually the paycheck does not increase in times like these).  How far are they going to go?  Two three times or worse… hard to say.

Now more than ever is the time to protect your assets, pay off that high interest debt, and be conscientious of the possessions you have now…

What does that mean for your car or truck.  Well you want to avoid a new car payment by making this one last. A great way to do that is to properly maintain your engine with a good filter and excellent motor oil.

You might consider a synthetic oil change with extended drain intervals to increase your engine protection and save money.  Regular and proper maintenance of your car or truck can keep you from having a killer car payment.

As oil prices climb the painful filling of the gas tank will return and with the money presses cranked up to full tilt right now the next gas pump price spike could be a big one.  Fuel economy is going to become a mainstream topic again and you’ll want get your vehicle tuned up to provide the best mileage possible.  A little research into synthetic gear oil, transmission oil, and a good synthetic oil change is worth a potential 7% increase in gas mileage.  If gasoline prices start to hint at $4 a gallon or more again this can mean huge savings for you.

Regardless of economic expansion or economic contraction inflation or deflation good vehicle maintenance and improved fuel economy will will keep money in your pocket.  To discover the best motor oil to save your engines check out my free white paper.

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