Oil Industry Lies Cost You Money

by admin on March 22, 2010

There is nothing wrong with capitalism.  It can create fantastic economies.  Sprout businesses and jobs everywhere and create a better life for everyone but it can also foster the proliferation of greed.

Corporations can start to operate with a bottom line mentality that is disconnected from human emotion and the good of the people.  This is where the 3000 mile oil change comes into play.

Even though most of the new cars and trucks rolling off the line nowadays have in their instruction manuals to change the oil every 5,000 or 7,000 miles the myth of the 3,000 mile oil change continues to be promulgated by big oil companies.

Why would they lie… well increased revenue and profits of course.  If you were to actually change your oil at the recommended 7,000 mile interval that would cut engine lubricant sales in nearly half.  It would reduce the visits to the quick lube to almost half.  Half the visits to the quick lube means half as many times for an additional sale of wiper blades, air filters, fuel filters, and all the other miscellaneous profit centers they find on your car.

Don’t fall for this.  I you run over to Wal Mart you can pick up a bottle of Mobil 1 Synthetic and read the back.  Good for 15,000 miles!  That’s five times what the others will have you believe.  If your willing to have oil ship to your door then AMSOIL has a full synthetic oil change good for up to 35,000 miles… more than 11 times conventional wisdom.

Does the extended drain interval hurt your engine?  Its been going on in garages across the country for over 35 years.  Mobil is a big name and their smart.  They know the group of “believers” is growing and the niche of extended oil change consumers is a profitable one.

So where is the truth?  Its not in the 3,000 mile oil change requirement.  Yes it has been passed to us from our fathers and grandfathers but on what basis.  Dad didn’t design engines and dad didn’t formulate oil or design oil filters.  And that is an important point… you better have a damn good oil filter if your going to extend your oil drain intervals.  If you have cheap filters that plugs quick and runs in bypass all the time… that is trouble.

The 3,000 mile oil changes is propagated on fear.  Engines have improved and lubrication technology have improved and its time to shut down the lies and move into the 21st century.  So find your self a good oil a good filter protect your engine better and save some money.

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