Synthetic Motor Oil – How to Find a Good Synthetic Oil For Your Car Or Truck

by admin on March 23, 2010

When looking for a new motor oil a few major things come to mind;  Is it going to protect my engine?  Is it the best protection for my engine?  Is it going to cost an arm and a leg?

Oil has to maintain a protective film between all the parts inside your engine.  To do so it has to have the right viscosity both at cold temps and at peak engine operating temps.  The oil also has to have the right additives in teh right amounts to keep your engine from rusting from the inside out (your fuel burns and makes acid in case you didn’t know).

The base oil needs to be high quality with few impurities so it is the right starting ingredient to make a great formulation.  THe proper base formula takes some of the stress off of having a great additive package to make up for it.  The base formula is just the starting point as to whether the oil is going to breakdown fast and easy or if it is going to stand the test of time.

So say we have the right base oil.  Lets add the proper liquids to further protect the engine.  We need to increase the alkalinity of the oil and its ability to absorb the acids created by your engine burning fuel.

We need to add some dry start additives to handle high loads where the oil film breaks down or for when the engine is first started after a period and the oil film is not present.

We need to make sure the oil is heavily filtered from the factory so instant engine damage is not done right after the oil change.

The oil needs to have the key ingredients but not cost a fortune.  If the oil has the right stuff it can endure longer change intervals potentially saving money and definitely saving time working on your car or waiting in the oil change place waiting room.

The oil needs to specify how long it can safely be used, it should have guarantee for the oil and warranty for your engine should the oil not perform as specified.

These oils exist!  If you would like more information on oils and oil testing you can get the whitepaper that shows all the major oils tested side by side.  Compare the oil you are using now with the others on the market.  Click here to get the synthetic motor oil whitepaper.

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