The Problem With Changing Your Motor Oil Is

by admin on April 29, 2010

Have you noticed that over the last 3 decades engine compartments went from very serviceable to you can reach your hand in there!  It makes you want to wring the neck of the guy who decided where to put the oil filter in the engine compartment.

A lot of times you just can’t get to the oil filter without putting the car up an a lift.  Cars are so low to the ground now you can’t even slide an oil pan underneath to catch the oil.  If you were hesitant to do it when it was easy access years ago then now is much less appealing.

Getting older does not help the way it feels to get down on the ground and slide up under your vehicle on ramps.

Choosing the right oil for your oil change has become more difficult.  There are too many options to choose from when selecting oil for your engine.  Smaller engine compartments have made the environment for an operating engine even more difficult.  There is less opportunity for air flow around the engine and natural cooling and more opportunity for hot areas of the engine to cook your oil.  My point is picking an oil is more challenging because modern engines have tighter design requirements and oil is no longer just oil… it matters what you use.

Oil change technicians have lower pay and have less training than ever.  If you have given in and for lack of time take your car in to get an oil change you may notice it isn’t a true mechanic doing it anymore.  Yes the franchises have a process, a system, so they can hire the lowest possible talent to change your oil and do an ok job but these are not the same professionals we used to trust our vehicles to.  Oil change technicians have more training on how to upsell you windshield wipers and an air filter than they have training on how to properly maintain your engine.  Sad but true… that is why I still change my own motor oil.

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