Use The Best Motor Oil For Trucks

August 6, 2010

It is a great idea to take a little bit of time to seek out the best motor oil for your truck.  With the prices of real work horse trucks exceeding $50,000 choosing the right oil and maintenance schedule has become critical to your financial success. If you make some uninformed decisions on how to […]

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4 Reasons To Change Your Oil Once a Year or Every 25,000 Miles

August 5, 2010

You protect your engine and prevent an engine failure.  When using synthetic motor oil that is designed for one year of service you eliminate the potential engine wear that occurs from using cheap oil past the 3,000 mile mark. In the US the average oil change interval is now up past the 5,000 mile mark… […]

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Ugly Black Syrup Motor Oil Spins Main Bearing

August 5, 2010

I asked a friend of mine what he though would happen if you quit changing your oil all together.  He grew up on a farm and was in charge of the maintenance for multiple tractors, trucks, and cars… making him somewhat of an expert,  I was surprised by some of the things he shared about […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Synthetic Motor Oil

August 4, 2010

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle.  If you maintain it and care for your engine it will start every time and never leave you stranded.  If you don’t care for it it will start to burn oil, have rough starts, make you wonder if you should take a long trip or not, and […]

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Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

July 23, 2010

Can you imagine a huge, bad-ass Harley crowd denying the fact that synthetic oils were better for their engines than conventional oil? Let’s be real now. These guys are hard-core and their main squeeze in life isn’t a woman…it’s their bike. But like so many people, traditions are passed on and new concepts and ideas […]

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What is Synthetic Motor Oil?

July 20, 2010

If synthetic motor oil can live up to the performance claims peppered across the Internet then it definitely is something to consider for our engines.  A lot of the time synthetic oils carry a premium price over the conventional oil.  But does the extra cost come with extra protection?  What is synthetic oil and does […]

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3 Characteristics Of The Best Motor Oil For People That Drive High Miles

July 19, 2010

Long commutes and jobs that require people to be on the road can be very demanding on a vehicle.  High daily, weekly, and monthly miles can have you changing your oil every couple of weeks or once a month.  This adds up on the pocket book and is a real time suck. If you could […]

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Why You Should Perform A Motor Oil Engine Flush

June 22, 2010

Have you heard of engine flushing?  Maybe you haven’t.  Here’s why it is important to learn about.  In an ideal world the insides of our engines would stay perfectly clean allowing the lubricating oil film on the cylinder walls, on the valve train, in the bearings etc to perform perfectly.  The reality is the insides […]

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What I like About Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

June 14, 2010

For the sake of your engine you need to see a few of the reasons why I like mobil 1 synthetic oil.  With modern engines these days it has become increasingly important to pay attention to the motor oils your use be it synthetic motor oil or regular old dinosaur oil (conventional motor oil). Engine […]

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How To Save Money on Synthetic Motor Oil Changes

June 11, 2010

Times are getting tough for a lot of people right now and it is increasingly more important to pinch your pennies now more than ever.  One of the biggest expenses in a household is vehicle purchase and vehicle maintenance like synthetic motor oil changes.  When it comes to saving money this is one of the […]

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